Highlights | Horst P. Horst Photo Exhibition (First time in Asia)


Horst P. Horst retrospective

Photo Macau welcome a exceptional retrospective of Horst P. Horst’s works looking back over his 60-year career with 60 photographic prints offering a comprehensive vision of the range of genres he worked in: women and fashion, still life, portraits and nudes

Born August 14, 1906  in Germany Horst P. Horst is considered as one of the great photographer of the 20th century. After studying at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Hamburg (school of Applied Arts) he moved to Paris in 1930 to study under Le Corbusier. His association with the French edition of Vogue magazine started shortly afterwards. In 1932 Janet Flanner’s review of his first exhibition at the Plume d’Or  in the New Yorker launched his career and he began a series of public figure portraits among which Bette Davis Luchino Visconti among others. In 1937 he met Coco Chanel in New York. He would photograph her fashions for the next three decades. Horst obtained the American Citizenship in 1943 and became an army photographer. In 1945 he photographed President Harry S. Truman and they became friends. He would photographed every First Lady in the post war period at the invitation of the White House.

In the 1960’s Horst began a series of photos illustrating the lifestyle of international high society.

The Duke of Windsor and the Duchess of Windsor, Andy Warhol, Yves Saint Laurent , Salvatore Dali, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Paloma Picasso among many others were all photographed by Horst.

From this point he spent most of his time traveling and photographing until his death in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida in 1999 .

Highlights | Mike Steiner’s Video Collection (Ulay & Marina Abramovic’s Works)

Irritation: There is a Criminal Touch to Art, 1976, Production by Mike Steiner & Wilma Kottusch, 20’16”

After a short apprenticeship in the lab of the corporation for film production (Afifa), in 1961 Mike Steiner started his painting studies at Hochschule für bildende Künste Berlin. It was during this period that he realized how constraining the traditional medium of painting was. He turned to other forms of expression, as Minimalism, the Living Theatre and the Happening became his new focus of interest. In 1967 he experimented with slide projections, music, film and video recordings. Already in the 1960’s and 1970’s, Steiner became familiar with the video works of different artists and filmed many performances. In 1970 he opened the “Hotel Steiner”, a legendary artistic hotel in the Wilmersdorf Albrecht-Achilles-street, near Kurfürstendamm. In 1976 he opened the Studio-Galerie, an important meeting point for international avant-garde video and performance artists, as well as for the Fluxus artistic movement. Allan Kaprow and artists of Fluxus as Joseph Beuys, Wolf Vostell, Ben Vautier, Al Hansen or Emmett Williams have been exhibited at both Studio-Galerie and Hotel Steiner. He also brought the feminists Valie Export and Friederike Pezoldová to light, as well as Ulrike Rosenbach, Marina Abramovic and Laurie Anderson. In 1982 he followed the pop group Tangerine Dream on a concert tour of Australia. He has edited the filming material of this tour, resulting to a documentary, where he combined the rhythmic and melodic structures of the music with abstract imagery images.

Highlights | Jeffrey Shaw and Photo Macau will exhibit a video production of Hong Kong City University school of Creative Media: Body of Confucius (Installation 4)

Authors: Jeffrey Shaw, Peng Lin, Chang Tsong-Zung, Sarah Kenderdine

Video production: City University of Hong Kong School of Creative Media, Paul Nichola

Initiated, researched and produced by: Tsinghua University Research Center of Chinese Rites, Jia Li Hall

Using the latest digital technology the project re-enacts the” Capping ceremony from a minor official’s son” from the Book of Li (Etiquette and Rites) through a interactive application and a linear three screens  video .

Looking at restoring the Confucian Rites for research and educational purpose the work is extremely accurate and researched  both academically and aesthetically making it a compelling  Art work.

A collaborative project between the Jia Li Hall  digital platform ( Hong Kong), the Tsinghua University China Rites studies Research Center in Beijing and the City University School of creative media this work won recognition from China National Social Science Foundation in 2014.

 At a time when China seeks to promote Confucianism culture as a way to enhance its soft power the exhibition in Macau of the “Remaking the Confucian rites” will present  the public with an unique opportunity to approach an aspect of the Confucian culture through increasingly popular modern media, and to reflect on the changes which have affected the Chinese society in the modern times as well as the role of Art as a common language to promote harmony.

Organizer : Art Beyond Walls Association

24 March 2018, Saturday

14:30 – 13:30

Presentation: New Media Art and Digital Cultural Heritage

Speaker: Prof. Jeffrey Shaw, New Media Artist

Audience: 200 Seats


New Media Art today offers a large spectrum of expressions that build worlds and forge experiences based on the radical expansion of the aesthetics of intercommunication. Its galvanic concerns are embodied engagement; prosthetic perception; the mergence of the real and virtual; the re-enactment of cultural heritage; technology’s antipodal bounty and blight; narrative after story-telling; the singularity of art and the pharmacological imperative of its constant re-invention. 


16:00 – 17:00

Guided Tour In English (Cecile Massot) & Chinese (Cecilia Ho)


25 March 2018, Sunday

11:30 – 12:30

Symposium: The Revenge of The Photographic Archive

Audience: 200 Seats


Joerg Bader – Director of Geneva Centre of Photograph

Charles Merewether – Art Director of Biennale of Sydney 2006

Emerson Kun-Seng Wang – Executive Director of Art Taipei 2016   

Moderator : Prof. Maurice Benayoun


15:00 – 16:00

Symposium: Digital Art: PastPresent and Future

Audience: 200 Seats


Gregory Lang – Curator, Art consultant

Johann Nowak – Independent Curator

Nathalie Boseul Shin – Chief curator of Total Museum, Seoul

Tamas Waliczky –  New Media Artist

Moderator : Prof. Maurice Benayoun


16:00 – 17:00

Presentation: Presentation of Collection

Audience: 200 Seats


Mario Von Kelterborn, Collector